Circulars 2006

Sl No
Circular Reference
1 Passing of Resolution by Circulation Restricted Circular1/2006
2 Right to Information Act 2006 Circular7/2006
3 RIA Co-Operative Institutions-Including Under the Definition of Public Authority-Reg Circular11/2006
4 Thodupuzha CCU-Construction of Building-Acceptance of Donation-Reg Circular12/2006
5 Regn/Byelaw Amendment-Application Fee-Issue of Original Chelan-reg Circular18/2006
6 KSCARDB,PCARDB-Prevention of Compound Interest-Reg Circular20/2006
7 Muthalamala Sneham Charitable Trust-CS-Donation for Common Good Fund-Reg Circular21/2006
8 RIA-Inclusion of Co-operative Institutions in ‘Public Authority’-Reg Circular23/2006
9 SCB,DCB,PACS-Revision of Interest to Agricultural Loans-Reg Circular28/2006
10 Short term Agricultural Loan-Prevention of Misuse-Reg Circular29/2006
11 KSR-156 Average Cost-Renewed-Reg Circular37/2006
12 Opening of Branches which are not Under Banking Regulation Act such as PACS,SCB etc-Reg Circular39/2006
13 Introduction of RIA 05 in Co-operative Societies-Reg Circular40/2006
14 SCBS-Revision of FD Interest Rate-Reg Circular41/2006
15 Increasing Share contribution in RUBCO,RAIDCO – Reg Circular51/2006
16 Housing Loan to PACS Employees-Increase of Cealing Amount-Reg Circular52/2006
17 Working of Co-operative Consultancy Service Institutions -Administration of Co-operative Institution-misuse of Fund-Reg Circular56/2006

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