Circulars 2005

Sl No
Circular Reference
1 Grant of Honourarium,TA,Sitting Fees etc to Governing Body Members-Reg Circular1/2005
2 Utilization of Affiliation Fees-Guidelines to CCU-Reg Circular2/2005
3 Issue of Data/Information in PACS,SCB,LBR Forms-Reg Circular3/2005
4 Food Allowance to Members Participating General Body Meeting-Reg Circular4/2005
5 Common Good Fund Utilization for Palakkad SC/ST Society Building  Construction Permission Granted-Reg Circular5/2005
6 Financial Aid to KNR,CTC Building Circular6/2005
7 Renewal of Anuual Subscription of Sahakarana Veethi from 2005-2006 to 2010-11 Reg Circular7/2005
8 Revision of Interest Rate on Deposit of PAC in DCB Circular8/2005
9 Financial Aid for Construction of Kanjirappally Thaluk Hospital Building Circular9/2005
10 Regularisation of Bill Collectors working in Consumerfed as Contract,Daily waged Basis Circular10/2005
11 Agricultural Debt of Wayanad District-Govt Initiative-Reg Circular11/2005
12 Appointment of Administrators in SC/ST Societies Reg Circular12/2005
13 Contribution of Share Capital to Mithra-Agricultural Producer Co by Cooperative Societies Circular13/2005
14 Applications Submitted by DCBs-Avoid Delay in Srutiny-Reg Circular14/2005
15 Moratorium Circular15/2005
16 SC/ST Societies-Plan Scheme-Financial and Submission of Application-Reg Circular16/2005
17 Collection of Annual Statement of Co-Operative Societies for the Year 2004-2005 Circular17/2005
18 Circular18/2005
19 Asraya-Day Care Centre-Donation-Reg Circular19/2005
20 Investment Guarantee Scheme-Put into Practice-Reg Circular20/2005
21 Donation to Rehabilation Centre for Women-Reg Circular21/2005
22 SC/ST Societies-Exemption of Marathi Community-Reg Circular22/2005
23 Donation from Co-Operative Societies for Construction of Memorial for Balan Ex MLA Circular23/2005
24 Kasargod District Agricultural Loan-Stoppage of Recovery Procedures-Reg Circula24/2005
25 Regularisation of Shares-Loan to Members-Loan from DCB-Reg Circula25/2005
26 Development of kasargod District Hospital-Donation from Co-operative Societies-Reg Circular26/2005
27 Circular27/2005
28 Draught-flood,PCARDB,PACS,SCB-Collection of Arreers-Recovery-Reg Circular28/2005
29 Stoppage of Recovery Process for 2 months-Kasargod Arecanut Plantation-Reg Circular29/2005
30 Circular30/2005
31 Repayment of Loan-Receipt-Principal-Interest-Seperate a/c Reg Circular31/2005
32 Submission of Tour Programme-Tour Diary of JR-Reg Circular32/2005
33 Security on Loan from PACS,RSCB etc-Reg Circular33/2005
34 Assistance to Societies who are not Remitted Affiliation Fees,Renewal Fees,Edn.Fund Circular34/2005
35 Grant for Goldloan-Gold Ornaments Insurance-Reg Circular35/2005
36 Restriction on Expenditure of Co-Operative Bank-Restriction on Mobile Phone Expense-Amendment Reg Circular36/2005
37 Salary Revision of PACs Employees Circular37/2005
38 Project Financing Project-Evaluation-Reg Circular38/2005
39 Salary Revision of Urban Bank Employees Circular39/2005
40 Arbitration Case Documents-Lapse in Submission of Documents to  Tribunal-Reg Circular40/2005
41 Introduction of Change in Honourarium& TA,DA,S/F etc to Rubco,Raidco,Agreenco Circular41/2005
42 Guidelines dated 15/05-Applicable to Non Agricultural Loan-Reg Circular42/2005
43 Change in Guidelines to Co-operative Societies,Branches on Working Time-Reg Circular43/2005
44 Circular44/2005


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